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The Stone wool is a natural insulator that meets the combination of the following performances:

Thermal efficiency

The Stone wool insulation ensures an enjoyable and steady interior temperature of buildings, and offers protection against both cold and heat. Thus, this solution provides a more comfortable life and reduces energy consumption while preserving our environment.

Acoustical comfort

The stone wool insulation is the best solution for optimizing indoor acoustics, reducing noise throughout the building and it prevents noise from the outside penetrating the building


The stone wool products are designed to provide sustainable performances that remain stable over the years and avoid the formation of thermal bridges.

Ecological material

The Stone wool is a purenatural product based on recyclable volcanic rock

Fire safety

Stone wool is non-combustible product which acts like fire barrier and Slows down heat transfer up to high temperatures

Exceptionally resistant, It with stands temperatures up to 1000 °C and does not emit smoke for greater fire safety.

Humidity Resistance

Stone wool is non-absorbent, it does not fear water (infiltration of rain or snow, for example) or humidity due to its structure that does not retain water and keep in time its thermal, acoustic and mechanics characteristics,.

Fungicide and antibacterial protection

The stone wool can usefully complement the various control methods against termites. It is a purely mineral origin material which does not bring any food for termites and hence does not favor at all to survive.