Problems related to the incompatibility between traditional building structures, conceived as to remain unaltered in time, and technical wiring, which need to be changed continously and adapted to user new necessities, are extremely important in buildings provided with high technological environments. Today, access floors are the best solution for many other projects where technical flexibility is required.

Indispensable element in the construction of offices, banks, control stations and other areas with open space lay-outs.


The raised access floor is a system of panels on substructure that offers many advantages:


- Possibility to easily incorporate all electrical and hydraulic ducts, cabling and wiring in the plenum.
- Quick and easy accessing to the plenum for any installation or maintenance
- Cleanliness: The floor is open, released and clean. All ropes are passed in the plenum.
- Easy to replace the panels
- Security: No cable to the ground, to avoid any risk of accident.
- Valuing of premises: raised floors add value to local by modernity and versatility they allow.


STRUCTURA offers a full range of chipboard raised access floor with different finishing developed to meet all needs and requirements.

Galvanised Steel Bottom Cover

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Alufoil Bottom Cover

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